Lakers star Ingram missed the last

Lakers star Ingram missed the last match because of quadriceps tendonitis Lee Stempniak Jersey, Tomorrow's game against Minnesota, Ingram is expected to come back. This season, "Yingge" significant progress, averaging 16.0 points and 5.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists, all-star level opponents even more is "strong case is strong." After Butler joined the Timberwolves after a period of running-in, and now he re-made All-Star style. Butler averaged 27.2 points, 5.5 rebounds James Sheppard Jersey, 4.2 assists and 1.8 steals in six games and 30 + in three. Tomorrow Ingerslam and Butler strike this duel, it is worth attention. The Knicks will play against 76 at the year-end battle on December 26 Kevin Hayes Jersey. The 76ers this season, led by Ben Simmons and Joey Nibbit, are emerging as a new force in the league. Although Simmons and Entebch played only 86 games together, but the Knicks is very clear that such a 76 young army is not good to deal with. Knicks insider Kant said that now the 76-man center Dan Girardi Jersey, Entebbe has been among the ranks of first-class center, he really is a very difficult defensive player. The current Celtics record of 27-9, still ranked first in the east, but the recent period of time, their status is not good, the last 10 games, the Celtics made only 5 wins and 5 losses Record. However, the Celtics beat Chicago Bulls in the game. The Wizards are currently 18 wins and 15 losses record, ranked seventh in the east. After the 84-119 defeat to the Nets, the Wizards played a big score victory over the Orlando Magic.
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Each team can use this as an excuse

Each team can use this as an excuse, but if your team wants to become a great team one day, you can not use such an excuse. The defeat of this game is different from the previous defeat James Patrick Jersey, we have for some time been playing hard like this, our performance is very unprofessional. This is the 76 year after year after another re-appeared in the year-end battle Dominic Moore Jersey. However, before the game, the 76ers were in a low state with a wave of five-game losing streak and a loss of nine games in the last 10 games Mika Zibanejad Jersey. Two newcomers, Exed in December had been injured for five games, Simmons status is not as hot as the early season Wayne Gretzky Jersey. The year-end wars by the fans around the world attention, the Knicks and the 76ers playoff ticket is the main competitor, the game, the Philadelphia team will certainly make every effort to win. The Knicks are in a better shape than the Sixers, winning five of their last seven races, and Bolzinski has been back in line for the game.
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Over the past four games

Over the past four games, the Lakers have faced the Cavaliers, Warriors and Rockets three top teams Chris Kreider Jersey, you want to keep the vitality of the race is not easy Dan Girardi Jersey, especially when it comes back to back games Mike Richter Jersey. Lakers center Bogut also said in an interview, "In this league, back to back is like a beast, apparently we played very well the night before." The night before the Portland Blazers, the Lakers faced Golden State warrior. Minnesota won the three-game winning streak after falling into the Phoenix Suns on December 17. They won the Portland Trail Blazers 1 point on December 19, Jimmy - Butler staged a free throw line lore; December 21 Timberwolves away Denver Nuggets, yesterday they successfully avenged the sun on the road. Currently the Timberwolves win more than 50% of the winning 7 games, this is the team for the first time since the 2003-04 season to do this Joe Kocur Jersey. The Lakers have won only one victory in the last six games, but they are extremely high in gold. They ended the opponent's 13-game winning streak with Houston Rockets, the No. 1 Lilian 122-116 away match on December 21. The remaining five defeat Lakers are also defeated, they drag the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors dragged into extra time, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Portland Trail Blazers are fierce battle to the last minute, the war warrior more Is almost completed 23 points shaking reversal, scared the defending champion a cold sweat.
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Although Seahawks

Although Seahawks, who re-entered the Super Bowl in the following year Matt Hunwick Jersey, failed to defend the New England Patriots, the Seahawks remained highly competitive in the coming seasons and entered the playoffs every year. But this season they have just been the sudden emergence of the Los Angeles Rams won the first place in the country, so the game with the cowboys became the competition for the League of Nations wildcard card of life and death contest. Terry, who fully supports Seahawks, shared his live photos before the game and wrote: "My only Christmas wish is that the Hawks will win James Sheppard Jersey. Los Angeles Lakers will play against the Minnesota Timberwolves Jayson Megna Jersey. The Timberwolves currently rank fourth in the West with 20-13 wins and the Lakers rank 11th in the West with 11-20 wins. Tencent Sports will broadcast the video of this year-end war. Having a pair of personal style shoes is a breeze for the most glittering superstar at the Alliance Pyramid Phil Esposito Jersey, as most of them have signature shoes. In addition, all-star players can use exclusive color in the shoes, while ordinary players do not have such a treatment. So how can they have a pair of personality boots it?

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